Elsword review – Does it keep up to the hype?

If you didn’t already notice i’m  a huge gamer and have been gaming since a long time this is probably the reasons why i’m able to cope up with even the most difficult situations in life and the answer is gaming.

Today i’m going to review one of the hyped games Elsword and also give you a neat solution to improve your game. Hope you enjoy it.

Elsowrd is without a doubt an amazing game that is ported to a variety of servers our objective was to deliver a bound together Elsword hack which can be utilized by each player accross every one of the servers. This venture appeared to be inconceivable at first however our devoted group hacked in the hardest server first and from that point different servers felt very easy to break into. Assets, for example, K-Ching and ED were our primary targets and now we succeeded in making an elsword hack which fits over every server. Basically begin the game after which actuate the instrument it will identify your server information for you and snare itself on the amusement after that you can hack the general diversion unreservedly. In case you’re anxious about diversion ensure don’t stress. Our first need is to make certain the instrument is totally tried and true. The counter cheat framework has been skirted furthermore you won’t be having any danger.

Additionally be careful there are different individuals in which offering elsword hack yet the vast majority of them bite the dust rapidly and some are even plain tricks! The issue utilizing these apparatuses is on the grounds that they get obsolete rapidly since the mods verify you upgrade the activity in this way rendering the hack pointless. We verify you redesign all hacks regular and may dependably do. Elsword is truly a freed to play diversion yet now and then the activity gets excessively out of line giving unreasonable advantages, making it impossible to the individuals who pay alot. This infers on the off chance that you are sufficiently rich or in the event that you like to spend money on PC pixels you’ll generally be ahead of time of most of the players. This is the way we show up in, our elsword hack is allowed to utilize.

Welcome to Bible-Files

What is bible-files?

I don’t have a specific stance when it comes to bible files this is a place where i provide my thoughts that i find worth sharing and they may or may not be completely up to the mark or match with yours but remember its my perspective of this so you don’t have to go around bashing me for my faith or beliefs. Here i will be exposing both the sides of the creationists and evolutionists. We must accept that there are some things that humans still don’t have the answer to our sphere of knowledge is still small but there are also lots of things that we didn’t learn yet.

Every religion has books, but is it really practical? everything is writing down but more then half of things have been proved to be wrong. for example, bible used to say that the earth is flat but we now know that it is in fact round. I’ve also read some horrible texts where its clearly written that the victim of a rapist must marry the rapist. That part just blew me apart as im a father of two daughters and i started to doubt my faith at that point.


Religion and science? can it Co-exist?

Here’s a fact, most of the religions are not open minded and if you talk to them rationally they will always try to give you a statement my rotating their points to match it to their defense. This is called confirmation bias and i’m a bit upset to say that i used to have this bias once myself too. Why do we have to blindly follow something without asking any questions? Often times i feel as if its the so called “god” that is evil how often does a good person tells you to kill someone because of a extremely stupid reason? or how often does a good person approve of slavery? I believe never.

So what is this website all about?

Well, it is my personal website where i share my opinions and updates about the things that i discover and learn which i feel like sharing with the world. If you come across my blog please don’t simply hate. I’d like to know what are your thoughts and would even like to know if you could change my mind. I’m always seeking for answers.